Jun 28, 2023
Web Design

Brand New, Refreshed Look For Webpoint Solutions Website. 


We are defining the next web experience for Webpoint Solutions to support the newer brand identity and transformational growth.

  • The Webpoint website has revealed a complete visual makeover featuring fresh colors, illustration style, and photography.
  • Our new look and feel features subtle micro-interactions and compelling UX copy from which we communicate more effectively and excitingly with talents and clients.

It began with the rebranding of Webpoint’s identity

Webpoint is experiencing growth and accelerating its vision through teams, services, and business numbers. Focusing on establishing a trustworthy brand identity, we audited previous logos and brand placements across platforms leading to a successful rebranding, resulting in a minimal, modern, and reliable brand with clear guidelines.

We aimed to enhance our connection with customers and attract top talent, particularly within the SME business segment seeking online presence. Through extensive iterations and discussions, we created beautiful assets that truly represent Webpoint.

Webpoint logo
Webpoint logo design
employee of webpoint working

The revamping of the website

Once we realized we needed to refresh the Webpoint website, we saw a more significant opportunity to present ourselves better. We sat down for multiple meetings with our stakeholders, including our CEO, BDS, fellow designers, and other team members.

The discussions were mainly concentrated on what we can do next to showcase the best that Webpoint offers to clients and talents that want to join Webpoint.

We even conducted an internal survey of how our employees perceive our Webpoint visuals, and to sum up, only some were sure about it. So even within the team, we saw the need for refreshments.

Meet our new website.

First page UI of Webpoint website

We are built for connections and serving a higher purpose. Everything started with doing better and providing unparalleled services to our clients.

We wanted our clients and users to have extraordinary collaboration and the opportunity to create something big. From idea to production, we have helped each other grow and have been growing together. That's how we wanted to move forward.

Refreshed colors pallet and typography

color and typography of refreshed webpoint website

We have recreated our color palette and typography to bring our brand a fresh and modern look. The new colors exude vibrancy and capture the essence of our forward-thinking approach. They are carefully selected to evoke positive emotions and make a lasting impression. 

In terms of typography, we have chosen clean, sleek, and highly legible typography, ensuring a seamless reading experience across all platforms. Our refreshed colors and typography breathe new life into our brand, elevating our visual identity and reinforcing our commitment to innovation and aesthetics.

Newer illustration and photography styles

Illustrations used in Webpoint's website

We have done newer illustration and photography styles to give our brand a visually captivating appeal. Our illustrations now feature isometric single-color modern and eye-catching vectors that reflect our brand's personality. They bring a fresh perspective and engage our audience more compellingly.

Similarly, our photography style has transformed to showcase a more natural look. We strive to capture genuine moments that resonate with our audience, conveying a sense of realism and relatability. Our new photography style aims to create an emotional connection and tell stories that reflect our team and work culture's essence.

The better tone of voice

"Together, let's create something wonderful"

We created a welcoming and engaging tone of voice on our website. We aim to make visitors feel comfortable and valued when they land on our page. The main goal while writing copy was to provide clear and concise information while giving our content warmth and personality.

Website pages

screenshot if webpage of new webpoint website
mobile page screenshot of new Webpoint website
screenshot listing services provided by Webpoint

Webpoint's web redesign, a significant undertaking, benefited immensely from the collaborative efforts of an outstanding team. Working with everyone was a joy, mainly as we worked on defining photography, writing, building interfaces, and exploring new concepts.

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Written byShyam AdhikariLead Designer
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