Jan 30, 2024

Top Best Magento Extensions To Boost Your Sales 


Here's the guide to the top 8 Magento 2 extensions that will boost your ecommerce sales in 2024.

If the answer is a resounding 'yes,' then you're not alone.

Using these powerful Magento 2 extensions, you can effortlessly recover lost Magento sales. Furthermore, they will help you streamline your CRM efforts.

From tracking potential leads, executing successful marketing campaigns, rescuing abandoned carts, and delivering unparalleled customer support - all in one seamless flow.

These Magento 2 extensions are more than just tools; they're your strategic partners in overcoming unique challenges that weigh on ecommerce salespersons like yourself. 

    1. CedCommerce HubSpot Integration

    The CedCommerce HubSpot Integration Extension for Magento 2 is one of the must-have Magento 2 extensions to boost Magento sales. Its comprehensive solution synchronizes crucial business data seamlessly, integrating with HubSpot in real time.

    This Magento extension eliminates manual efforts, automates workflows, and harnesses the power of HubSpot's insights for your Magento store. 

    Easy to set up, this extension opens doors to lead generation. Boost your store's success with skyrocketing conversion rates.

    Key Features

    Abandoned Cart Recovery: Magento 2 HubSpot Integration helps you recover missed sales with automated email reminders.

    You can sync abandoned cart details to HubSpot for effective lead recovery. Such recoveries can increase your revenue. On the Magento panel, you can check customers' abandoned carts, allowing you to send out follow-ups for lead recovery.

    Automated Console: Manage your e-commerce business from a centralized platform with automated e-commerce workflows. This helps you set up follow-up emails to customers as soon as they complete their purchase.

    Marketing Automation Workflow: Create customized workflows based on customer details, customer segmentation, and abandoned cart recovery. 

    This automation helps you create workflows, including Customer Nurturing workflow, Order-related workflow, ROI Calculation, and Order Recency workflow.

    Customer Segmentation: For targeted marketing, you can segment customers based on Recency, Frequency, and Monetary factors. 

    This feature monitors how recently a customer made a purchase, how frequent their purchase is, and how much they spend. Based on this insight, you can focus on a specific customer group more interested in your e-commerce business.

    Smart List for Contact Segmentation:

    This Magento 2 extension provides a valuable feature—the Smart List. It helps you organize buyers based on their purchases for efficient management.

    It lets you make an informed decision, ensuring customer engagement and lead conversion.

    Exporting Data: You can export your products, contacts, deals, and abandoned cart details from the Magento 2 platform to HubSpot. This linkup allows you to view progress in real-time.

    Best used for:

    Ideal for ecommerce store owners looking to automate processes, enhance customer engagement, and leverage HubSpot's powerful tools for Magento sales growth.

    How can CedCommerce HubSpot Integration help you in Sales?

    This extension streamlines sales processes, from abandoned cart recovery to targeted marketing campaigns, maximizing revenue opportunities.

    What do customers love about this Magento 2 extension?

    • Automated Export of Products
    • Easy-to-use and reachable customer support
    • Solves data transfer hurdles seamlessly
    • Ready-to-use Automated Workflows
    • RFM Based Customer Segmentation
    • 3 Months Free Customer Support
    • Native Integration

    Pricing Plans:

    Not available. Kindly visit the vendor's website for further details. The link is below.

    Vendor: CedCommerce

    • Magenest Zoho CRM Extension

    Magenest Zoho CRM Extension is a crucial tool for Magento sales personnel seeking efficient customer relationship management. 

    This Magento 2 extension empowers salespersons and managers to track potential customers. It helps them successfully execute marketing campaigns. This Magento extension facilitates the synchronization of products, orders, and customer data between Magento 2 and Zoho CRM, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.

    Key Features:

    Easy Syncing Setup and Configuration - No Duplication:

    Connect Magento 2 and Zoho CRM seamlessly with a straightforward setup using Zoho CRM credentials. Choose synchronization modes, set up field mappings, and eliminate complexities.

    Various Options in Magento 2 to Sync What You Want:

    With support for over 90 default fields from Magento 2, this extension provides customization services for tailored integration. There are no limits, only possibilities.

    Automated Data Synchronization - Boost Productivity:

    Manual data exports and imports are no longer a thing. This extension ensures precise and automatic data import to Zoho CRM, saving time and expanding your business effortlessly.

    Transmit All Essential Customer Data for Your Plans:

    Magenest Zoho CRM Integration covers everything from product synchronization to sales orders and invoices. Sync simple, virtual, and downloadable products seamlessly.

    Best used for:

    Ideal for ecommerce businesses aiming to enhance customer relationship management, streamline marketing efforts, and synchronize critical data between Magento 2 and Zoho CRM. As a result, this Magento 2 extension boosts your ecommerce sales.

    How can Magenest Zoho CRM Extension help you in Sales?

    This Magento 2 extension ensures a smooth data flow between Magento 2 and Zoho CRM. It empowers ecommerce businesses to make informed decisions, execute targeted marketing campaigns, and expand their customer base effortlessly.


    Magento Open Source Community Edition:

    • Base Cost: $319

    Support Options:

    • A complimentary 6-month support period with your purchase. 
    • Extend support for an additional 3 months at a nominal cost of $50.
    • Opt for a comprehensive 12-month support plan for $120.

    Commerce Enterprise/Cloud Edition:

    Additional Cost: $580 (on top of the base cost)

    Total: $899

    Support Pricing:

    Whether you opt for Magento Open Source or Commerce Enterprise/Cloud Edition, the support pricing remains consistent.

    Installation Service:

    Zoho CRM Integration offers a hassle-free installation service for $50.

    Disclaimer: Prices for Magenest Zoho CRM are subject to change, and Webpoint is not responsible for any inaccuracies or modifications.

    Vendor: Magenest

    • Magediary Product Scheduler

    For sellers navigating the complexities of sales scheduling, the Product Scheduler for Magento 2 by Magediary emerges as a vital ally. 

    This Magento 2 extension empowers sellers to strategically plan product launches, set sale durations, and create anticipation through countdown timers. 

    Ideal for time-oriented events and managing stock-based promotions, it also offers email notifications to subscribers, enhancing customer engagement.

    Key Features:

    Customer Subscription Feature for Sales Notifications: Boost product sales by offering customers subscription-based sales notifications via email, allowing pre-planning of purchases and increasing product visibility.

    Flexible Timer and Email Notification Customization: Easily modify text displayed with timers and customize email notification templates from the backend, providing sellers with flexibility and control.

    Positional Control for Product Accessories Block: Tailor the display of the product accessories block by quickly changing its position using layout XML files. This feature enhances the visual appeal of product pages.

    Unlimited Item Addition to Product View Page: With no restrictions, sellers can add as many items as needed to the product view page, facilitating comprehensive product displays and maximizing Magento sales opportunities.

    Best used for:

    Tailored for sellers who frequently engage in time-limited sales events, the Magediary Product Scheduler is perfect for planning product launches, organizing stock-oriented sales, and creating a sense of urgency during festival seasons.

    How can Magediary Product Scheduler help you in Sales?

    This extension facilitates precise Magento sales planning, enabling sellers to schedule product launches and limited-time sales strategically. The email notification feature enhances customer awareness, increasing sales and brand loyalty.


    • Open Source Edition: $119
    • Commerce Edition: Additional $289
    • Installation Service: Available for an extra $49
    • Customization: Tailor the extension to meet your unique needs with customization options.

    Disclaimer: Prices for Magenest Zoho CRM are subject to change, and Webpoint is not responsible for any inaccuracies or modifications.

    The Magediary Product Scheduler is your strategic partner in navigating the intricate landscape of Magento sales scheduling. Stay tuned as we unravel more extensions designed to elevate your Magento 2 store's sales performance.

    Magento Compatibility: 2.3, 2.4

    Vendor: Magediary

    • Omnisend

    Elevate your online store's functionality with Omnisend, a versatile marketing solution seamlessly integrated with Magento 2.

    This Magento extension tool goes beyond conventional boundaries, offering a trifecta of email, SMS, and push notifications for an unparalleled omnichannel marketing experience.

    From customer data collection to post-purchase engagement, Omnisend covers the entire sales funnel, featuring pre-built automation workflows that effortlessly recover abandoned carts and boost overall magento sales.

    Key Features:

    Intuitive Email Builder: Craft visually appealing emails effortlessly with an intuitive email builder, ensuring a seamless design for your marketing campaigns.

    Ready-to-Use Templates: Expedite your campaign creation with pre-designed templates for emails, landing pages, signup forms, and more. These ready-to-use templates enhance efficiency in reaching your audience.

    Audience Segmentation: Achieve precise targeting by leveraging unlimited segments that update in real-time, allowing you to tailor messages based on campaign activity and shopping behavior.

    Pre-designed Automation Workflows: Optimize sales with pre-built automation workflows, including features like Magento cart abandonment recovery, facilitating sales growth on autopilot.

    Advanced Reporting and Campaign Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your campaigns with robust reporting and analytics tools, enabling data-driven decisions for future marketing strategies.

    Multichannel Integration: Seamlessly integrate SMS and web push notifications to supercharge your campaigns, ensuring a comprehensive reach to your target audience.

    Mobile-Optimized Forms and Popups: Enhance your email collection efforts with mobile-optimized forms and popups, ensuring a user-friendly experience for your audience.

    Best used for:

    Omnisend is your go-to solution for rapidly growing your email subscriber list, expanding your Magento store's reach through omnichannel marketing, and implementing pre-built automated workflows for generating Magento sales on autopilot.

    How can Omnisend help you in Sales?

    Omnisend Magento extension streamlines your Magento sales process with pre-built automation, saving time and driving sales seamlessly. With features like targeted messaging, advanced analytics, and multichannel integration, Omnisend ensures a comprehensive approach to boosting your Magento sales.


    • Pro:
    • Monthly Cost: $59
    • Contact Limit: Up to 2500

    What's included:

    • Unlimited emails
    • Up to 3,933 SMS/mo
    • Unlimited web push
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Customer success manager (from 23.5K contacts)
    • 24/7 priority support
    • Standard:
    • Monthly Cost: $16
    • Contact Limit: Up to 500

    What's included:

    • 6,000 emails/mo
    • Up to 60 SMS
    • Unlimited web push
    • Customer Success Manager (from 45K contacts)
    • 24/7 Chat and Live support
    • Free:
    • Monthly Cost: $0
    • Contact Limit: Up to 250

    What's included:

    • 500 emails/mo
    • Up to 60 SMS
    • Up to 500 web push
    • Professional-looking email templates
    • Pre-built automation & workflows
    • Popups & signup forms
    • Segmentation & customer analytics
    • Sales & performance reports
    • A/B testing
    • Customer support via email

    Disclaimer: Prices for Omni are subject to change, and Webpoint is not responsible for any inaccuracies or modifications.

    Omnisend stands as a testament to the future of ecommerce, where strategic marketing meets technical prowess. Stay tuned as we unravel more extensions designed to elevate your Magento 2 store's sales performance.

    5. MageDelight Abandoned Cart Email

    Experience a revolution in reducing cart abandonment rates and boosting sales revenue with the MageDelight Abandoned Cart Email Extension for Magento 2. 

    This Magento extension goes beyond conventional email reminders; it offers a comprehensive solution with customizable emails, discount coupons, and a sophisticated system for managing abandoned carts. 

    With support for registered and guest users, unlimited email templates, and advanced rule management, this extension ensures a strategic approach to cart recovery.

    Key Features:

    Customizable Email Templates: Utilize built-in or create personalized templates, incorporating product details, discount codes, and cart restoration options to craft compelling reminders.

    Rule-Wise Email Scheduling: Schedule emails based on different cart conditions, allowing flexible timing for triggering, canceling queued emails, and manual sending from the backend.

    Queue Record of Emails: Maintain a comprehensive history grid, recording data on customers with abandoned carts, including their current status, and enabling the resend option.

    Blacklist Feature: Optimize email targeting by implementing a blacklist, preventing selected customers from receiving reminder emails about their abandoned carts.

    Best used for:

    MageDelight Abandoned Cart Email is indispensable for improving customer retention. It entices customers with discounts, sets up customized email chains, tracks abandoned cart conversions, enhances customer satisfaction, and engages customers strategically.

    How can MageDelight Abandoned Cart Email help you in Sales?

    This Magento 2 extension serves as a powerful tool to recover potentially lost Magento sales by sending targeted and personalized emails, complete with discount codes, to customers with abandoned carts. 

    Features like customizable templates and rule-based scheduling provide a strategic approach to cart recovery.


    • Open Source Commerce Edition:
    • Cost: $99
    • Update and Support: Additional $59
    • Commerce on Premise Enterprise Edition:
    • Cost: $199
    • Support: Additional $109
    • Commerce Cloud Edition:
    • Cost: $299
    • Update and Support: Additional $159

    Offers for Each Plan:

    • $49 Installation Service Fee for each plan.
    • Lifetime Access to the Original Source Code for each plan.
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for each plan.

    Disclaimer: Prices for MageDelight Abandoned Cart Email are subject to change. Webpoint is not responsible for any inaccuracies or modifications.

    Compatibility: Magento CE: 2.4.* and above (or latest), Magento EE: 2.4.* and above (or latest)

    Vendor: Magedelight

    6. Follow-up Email Subscription by Aheadworks

    Overcome cart challenges and browse abandonments with the Follow-up Email Subscription by Aheadworks. 

    This extension introduces a targeted approach, allowing merchants to send emails based on customer actions. 

    Elevate your communication strategy with customizable content, A/B email testing, and integration with key Magento modules.

    Tackle the challenge of customer disengagement by strategically launching triggered emails, thus unlocking the potential for increased sales revenue.

    Key Features:

    Event-Driven Email Sending: Define events and conditions for sending emails, ensuring a targeted and timely approach to customer communication.

    A/B Testing and Performance Analytics: Experiment with A/B testing to optimize email content, track customer actions through reporting tools, and measure campaign efficiency against various criteria.

    Customizable Follow-ups: Configure follow-ups for different customer groups and conditions, tailoring your communication strategy for diverse segments.

    Spam Prevention: Implement automated email chains with scheduled intervals, preventing spam risks and ensuring a systematic communication flow.

    Best used for:

    The Follow-up Email Subscription by Aheadworks is ideal for merchants seeking to recover potentially lost sales, improve customer engagement, and run targeted email campaigns. It excels in precision targeting, providing relevant content and promotions based on customer behaviors.

    How can a Follow-up Email Subscription by Aheadworks help you in Sales?

    This subscription-based Magento 2 extension revolutionizes your communication strategy, allowing you to send targeted emails as per your customers' actions. Features like A/B testing, customizable follow-ups, and performance analytics enhance your ability to recover abandoned carts, engage customers effectively, and drive sales.


    Follow-Up Email Extension for Magento 2 has various options to meet your business needs.

    • Open Source Magento Edition:

    Monthly Subscription:

    • First Payment: $271.00 (License Fee)
    • Regular Payments: $15.99 per month

    Annual Subscription:

    • First Payment: $271.00 (License Fee)
    • Regular Payments: $159.99 per year
    • Commerce Edition:

    Monthly Subscription:

    • First Payment: $543.00 (License Fee)
    • Regular Payments: $31.99 per month

    Annual Subscription:

    • First Payment: $543.00 (License Fee)
    • Regular Payments: $319.99 per year

    Added Value for Your Peace of Mind:

    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Free Installation
    • 30-Day Free Support
    • Lifetime Right To Use
    • You can cancel your subscription plan at any time.

    Disclaimer: Prices for Follow-up Email Subscription are subject to change. Webpoint is not responsible for any inaccuracies or modifications.

    Compatibility: Open Source 2.4.4 - 2.4.6; Commerce 2.4.4 - 2.4.6

    Vendor: Aheadworks

    7. HubSpot Contact Sync by Wagento Creative LLC

    Wagento's HubSpot Contact Sync catalyzes merchants aiming to integrate their Magento 2 contacts with HubSpot, a robust marketing software. 

    This contact sync Magento extension simplifies the process of syncing contact details for new customer registrations and newsletter subscriptions. 

    Leveraging cron jobs and console commands ensures the seamless flow of information between your Magento website and HubSpot, eliminating the need for manual tracking. Boost your efficiency and maintain an accurate contact library effortlessly.

    Key Features:

    New Customer Registration Sync: Automatically syncs contact details of newly registered customers on the Magento website to HubSpot.

    Newsletter Subscription Sync: Syncs contact details of customers who opt for newsletter subscriptions on the Magento website to HubSpot.

    Cron Job Integration: Utilizes cron jobs to ensure the regular and automated synchronization of customer data between Magento and HubSpot.

    Console Commands for Old Customer Data: Offers console commands for syncing old customer data, providing a comprehensive solution for all customer segments.

    Best used for:

    HubSpot Contact Sync by Wagento Creative LLC is ideal for businesses seeking a seamless integration between their Magento 2 store and HubSpot. It streamlines the syncing process for new customer registrations and newsletter subscriptions, ensuring a well-maintained contact library.

    How can HubSpot Contact Sync by Wagento Creative LLC help you in Sales?

    This Magento 2 extension by Wagento enhances your Magento sales efforts by automating the syncing of crucial contact details. Eliminating manual tracking saves time and ensures your HubSpot library remains accurate and up-to-date. This, in turn, facilitates targeted marketing efforts and boosts customer engagement.

    Pricing: Not Available

    Should you require pricing information, kindly visit their website. You can find the link below.

    With HubSpot Contact Sync, witness a seamless integration that simplifies your operations and sets the stage for enhanced Magento sales and marketing endeavors.

    Compatibility: Adobe Commerce (cloud): 2.3 2.4, Adobe Commerce (on-prem): 2.3 2.4, Magento Open Source: 2.3 2.4

    Vendor: Wagento Creative LLC

    8. eDesk - Ai-Powered Helpdesk & Live Chat

    Elevate your customer support strategy with eDesk, the industry-leading helpdesk designed to synchronize with over 250+ ecommerce marketplaces and social channels.

    This Magento extension acts as a command center for all customer interactions. Ensuring vital customer data, from order details to previous communications, is at your fingertips. 

    eDesk empowers over 5500 ecommerce retailers to streamline customer support, delivering superior assistance and resolving queries efficiently.

    Key Features:

    Centralized Inbox: Unify support channels into a centralized dashboard for seamless management.

    AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis: Leverage AI to analyze incoming messages, determine customer sentiment, and provide at-a-glance summaries.

    Real-time Dynamic Dashboards: Stay informed with real-time dashboards offering insights into customer interactions.

    Auto-Translation and HandsFree Responses: Respond promptly with features like auto-translation for international customers and AI-driven automatic responses.

    Best used for:

    eDesk is indispensable for online sellers seeking a purpose-built ecommerce helpdesk.

    It effortlessly connects disparate markets, ensuring all customer messages and order details converge into one streamlined dashboard. This integration enhances the efficiency of customer support operations.

    How can eDesk - Ai-Powered Helpdesk & Live Chat help you in Sales?

    eDesk revolutionizes your approach to customer service by providing a holistic view of customer interactions. With centralized data and AI-driven insights, you can prioritize queries, respond promptly, and enhance customer satisfaction. The streamlined processes enable you to focus on sales growth without compromising support quality.

    Pricing: Not Available

    Refer to eDesk Pricing for detailed information.

    Immerse yourself in the benefits of eDesk, where customer support meets cutting-edge technology. 

    With features like AI-powered sentiment analysis and streamlined response mechanisms, eDesk ensures you respond faster, prioritize effectively, and propel your ecommerce venture to new heights.


    • Adobe Commerce (cloud): 2.4, 2.2, 2.3 
    • Adobe Commerce (on-prem): 2.4, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 
    • Magento Open Source: 2.4, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

    Vendor: eDesk

    Let’s Wrap Up

    As we conclude this guide to the Top 8 Best Magento 2 Extensions that are set to redefine your ecommerce sales in 2024, let's take a moment to reflect.

    These Magento 2 extensions can redefine your Magento sales approach in 2024.

    Do not let potential sales slip away; do not overwhelm yourself with managing and executing your sales and marketing campaigns. 

    These must have Magento 2 extensions can help you streamline all your ecommerce operations, including your sales efforts. Gear up for a transformative sales journey!

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