• Plate App
  • UI/UX, Mobile

Plate App is a service for delivering your favorite food from restaurants on your mobile phone.


FCreate a convenient and functional application that supports iOS devices. The main task is to give a quick way to find the right dish at an affordable price and with fast delivery. The main problems that competitors encounter are a confusing interface. Often, to order food, the user has to go through a kind of quest. Our task is to simplify and facilitate this way.

The result

We were able to create a truly impressive application with a high user rating. The application provides a convenient filter. With it, you can choose a specific kitchen, delivery time, minimum amount and payment method. Also in the program you can read reviews about this or that restaurant and check ratings. If you are a regular customer of the service, you can create a personal account with order histories, discounts and unique offers.

Technology used
  • Sketch
  • React Native